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I'm Todd Kolb, husband, father, coach and entrepreneur with a passion for excellence and achievement. In my 25-year journey around golf I have been blessed with many wonderful mentors and experiences that have helped form my coaching and business beliefs. See, I believe it is ultimately WHO we surround ourselves with and WHAT we experience that determines our course in life. Success on the golf course like success in the business world is about passion, energy and WHO you take along for the ride. Once you find people who share your vision and desire, you have found the winning formula that leads to great achievement. My personal journey is about finding those people, making those connections and building a pathway to what is possible.

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Golf Digest best teachers by state 2017 2018 PGA Certified Professional Golf Digest best teachers by state 2019 2020

2010 and 2014 Dakota Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year

2008 Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year

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