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“I started working with Todd when I was 6 years old and am now 25 and going on my forth year on the LPGA Tour. I know for a fact that without Todd I would not be a member of the LPGA. While we have enjoyed success, we are continuously striving to be better every day and that is what make this academy great.”
Kim Kaufman

LPGA Tour Player

“Todd has been my swing coach for the last two years. If I was to describe him as a coach, I would use words as honest, positive, energized, happy and responsible. I have been playing as a professional for just over a year and without Todd on my team would not have had the success that I have already experienced. The Todd Kolb Golf Academy provides an incredible atmosphere where talented golfers become better each and every day.”
Elin Arvidsson

Professional Golfer/Symetra Tour

“Our family started working with Todd 6 or 7 years ago. Todd has a no-nonsense approach to coaching, which blended well with the goals of our kids. Todd’s individual approach to each child matched what they were looking for out of their game. Currently we have one playing High School, one playing D2 and one playing in D1 college programs.”

Scott and Cheryl Bormann


“I started working with Todd about a year ago. His quest for knowledge and continuous drive to improve is contagious. He has created an environment and academy for success. I couldn’t be more excited for the coming year!”

Emma Jandel

Professional Golfer/Symetra Tour

Improve your game from anywhere.

Tour Draw

If you’ve been struggling for months, years or even DECADES to fix your slice…why wouldn’t you give this a look? Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars looking for new clubs to fix your shot, save yourself some money (and several headaches) and check out Tour Draw.

Tour Distance

In the Tour Distance Plan PGA Teaching Pro Todd Kolb looks at four key areas which will help you add significant yardage off the tee.  Not five yards– try 30 to 40 yards.  Your setup, your angle of attack, pressure movement and finally turning science into distance.

One Less Stroke

It’s as Simple as These 3 Words: ONE. LESS. STROKE. That’s right—if you can focus on taking one less stroke in your game, you’ll become a better player, with more distance, consistency, and accuracy than you ever thought possible.

The Prairie Secret

A 30 day step-by-step video blueprint to the short game, where you will experience continuous improvement as you go through the program.

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